Acrylic Miniatures
  All miniatures are priced at $28 and includes
the mini display easel, unless otherwise noted.           
                                                                                                                        Venice Canal  
             Garden Arbor                                     Provence                                Greek Taverna  SOLD        

       Covered Bridge                                           View of Antibes                            Tuscan View

    Floral Still Life  SOLD                          Pansies for My Garden
                   Hibiscus                                                         Tiger Lily                                       Sunlight

                              Thatcher Shell               Royal Paper             Giant Clam

             Nautilus                         Pelican's Foot                    Banded Tun                     Walkway Babylon

      Spotted Tun                        Fox Head                              Spotted Flask                        Turton's Moon

                                                 Beach Umbrellas, 1&2                                                                 Sand Pipers

Art by Romaine                                                                                                                                                           (919) 270-8583